Word Clock Counter Clock wise (Places I Remember)

12-Channel Audio/FlipDot installation, 2019
Loop 14’12”

The installation Word Clock Counter Clock Wise (Places I Remember) is a machine, comprised of 12 loudspeakers and 12 electro-mechanical displays mounted in a row on a wall. It is programmed and driven by a computer, never changing what is does. One may say it does not have a past or a future: It just loops. But this machine also seems to be relatable, tender in some moments, insecure in others. It offers to the spectator to relate to it, to perceive it as something more than a bunch of loudspeakers, mechanisms and cables. And by doing so it asks the question: How much of me is you?

Installation view at Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona
Installation view at Fabra i Coats, Barcelona
Word Clock Counter Clock Wise (Places I Remeber)
Installation view at Fabra i Coats