Agudells con Lluís Maria Vidal : 8:15 pm
(The 10 Minutes Pieces)

4-Channel Concert-Performance, 2014

Agudells con Lluís Maria Vidal : 8:15 pm is part of an open series of compositions called The 10 Minutes Pieces that follow some simple formal rules: The title is the location and the time of their first presentation. Each piece evolves around field recordings recorded at the same location as indicated in the tile. The length is fixed to approximately 10 minutes and they are played on a four-channel audio system that surrounds the performer and the audience. Even though the pieces are conceived for a certain location, they can be transported to other sites once they were performed in the original setting. Within the pieces recoded samples mix with synthetically created sounds and mingle into complex sound structure, capturing sonic aspects of each location.

Passeig de Gràcia 98 : 7:00 pm was first performed at Festival Caminart, Barcelona (Spain)