Video-loop, 2 synchronized channels, color, sound, 18’, 2009

Video: Jan Mech & Judit Kurtag
Sound & music composition: Jan Mech

When it had al ready become unbearable – by an evening in November – and I was runni ng along over the narrow carpet in my room as on a racetrack, frightened by the sight of the lights in the street turned around again and was given a new goal  in the depths of the  room, at the b ottom of the mirror, and I cried out, just to hear the scream which is answered by nothing, and from which nothing takes the strength of the scream, which therefore rises up, without any counterpoise, and cannot cease even when it grows silent; a door was opened in the wall so hastily, since haste was indeed necessary, and even the wagon-horses down on the pavement reared, like crazed horses in a battle, their throats exposed.

As a small ghost, a  child scurried out of the compl etely dark corridor, in which the lamp was not yet burning, and stood still on his toes, on an imperceptibly shaking floorboard.

From Franz Kafka’s Ungl├╝cklichsein


The Aviator, Video Still
The Aviator, Video Still
The Aviator, Video Still The Aviator, Video Still