jm.Pubnub is a Java External for the visual programming environment Max by Cycling '74. It is an easy way to realize communication between programs made with Max ("Patches") and websites over the internet. The main benefit over other methods that exists is that the communication does not require any technical knowledge like dealing with IP adresses, Ports, or Router Configuration. It is plug and play and will work between any computers connected to the internet.

This is achieved by integrating the so-called "Push Service" by a company named PubNub. Currently only features that are available for a (free of charge) demo account at PubNub are implemented.

The tool can be downloaded at Cycling '74's website: jm.pubNub. The package contains also a demo patch, illustrating the functionality. A website for demonstrating the communication between Max Patches and websites (using client side JavaScript only!) can be found here: