The Beggar's Opera

Dora Garcías

own version of

plays by John Gay and Bertolt Brecht, is a theatrical production in real time and in public space. 

A theatre play with no clear beginning or end, in which it is hard to distinguish the scripted plot from the natural course of events and with just one character: Filch, the apprentice beggar.
For three month Filch lived in the streets of Münster (Germany) trying to build up his beggar business, trying to be loved or at least to be known and he kept on fighting for the right to exist without an obligation to make sense or being meaningful.
Filch was embodied by Peter Aers, Samir Kandil and Jan Mech. The Diaries they wrote and the presentations in the Metropolis Theatre of Münster are published as a Book and online as a blog under

Paperback: 568 Pages
Publisher:Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln; Auflage: 1 (3. Dezember 2007)
Languages: English, German
ISBN-10: 3865603238
ISBN-13: 978-3865603234